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Pappa Jack's in Weyburn has recently partnered with Fritou to serve delicious pizza and tasty, healthy chicken.

Pappa Jack's prepares over 25 different kinds of delicious pizzas. Create your own pizza from our selection of tasty toppings or add your own toppings to one of our house pizzas. Whether you are ordering a pizza for yourself or for a group, we have several sizes to choose from.

Fritou goes to great lengths to make sure you have the finest chicken possible. Each piece of chicken is trimmed of excess fat, and then slowly marinated making it tender and juicy. Then our chicken is hand breaded with thin crisp breading, and fried in our patented Halo fryers in Sunflower Frymax ZT oil with no cholesterol and zero saturated fats.

Find out why people cannot say no to our food.


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