Yarrr matey! For over 3 years, Pizza Pirates in Saskatoon has served healthy alternatives to your favorite food. We offer mouth-watering pizzas that cater to vegans and vegetarians as well as those that are looking for gluten and lactose-free options.

At Pizza Pirates, we have 21 unique specialty pizzas to choose from, including: "Garden of Eaten" with lots of veggies; "Fire Island" with pepperoni and hot peppers; "Cannon Balls" with meatballs and mushrooms; "Caribbean Clucker" chicken, pineapple and mango, and many other delicious combinations. Try a medium pizza with our gluten-free crust at no extra cost! Daiya Shreds are available as a cheese substitute.

At Pizza Pirates, Captain Gord and his mates are serving up delicious pies unlike any other in the city. Give us a call today


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