Head To Tail Pet Spa is a full service pet grooming salon located in the Central Animal Hospital.

We provide every service your cat or dog will need; from bath (shampoo and conditioner), blow dry and/or hand dry, nail trim, ear plucking, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, face trim, bum trim, feet trim, combing/de-matting, pet clip, hand scissor, show clips, parasite removal (i.e. ticks), de-skunking and much more!

We are now selling combs and nail covers. As well we offer take home photos of pets in seasonal outfits.

We are a member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists ™ and conduct ourselves & our business professionally, legally & with integrity.

We encourage you to view our groomer's profiles and portfolios in the groomers section of the website.

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Michal Willfong
There pet store is small but well stocked. And only top of the line products. They take the guess work out of researchig whats best for my dog.

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