Established in 1993, Optika Eclectic Eyeware is a locally-owned business in Saskatoon providing high quality funky and functional eyewear. We carry all of your favorite designer frames and lenses that suit your personal taste and style. Our friendly staff will gladly service any eyewear purchased from us free of charge, including realignment, repairs and maintenance. We also collect old eyewear that is no longer needed to send Third World countries ensuring those who are in need are given the gift of sight.

At Optika Eclectic Eyeware, we have everything you need to stand apart from the crowd, whether it is a subtle look or glasses that scream for attention. Give us a call or stop by today!

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Lauren Ansaldo
OPTKA ECLECTIC EYEWEAR provides great selection and even better follow up and repair service. The super knowledgable staff are committed to helping you find the best glasses AND fast and "on the spot" alignments and minor repairs at no additional cost. They are the best in Saskatoon at any price.

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