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The Kilt Lady truly is carrying on a lost art; Traditional Hand Sewn Kilts is our speciality. All the work is done locally in Saskatoon. Not too sure what you are looking for; The Kilt Lady has many years of experience and can provide assistance on selecting a tartan and determining what type of kilt is right for you.

If a custom hand sewn kilt is not what you need, The Kilt Lady also carries a selection of kilts in different price ranges, including utility kilts and hybrid kilts.

The Kilt Lady also carries a wide range of Quality Highland Accessories; whether you need a brooch, kilt hose, sporran, sgian dubh, kilt buckle, belt, kilt pin or a kilt shirt; we have an excellent selection that we carry in stock.

Visit our website www.thekiltlady for our full selection.


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