COMPUTER REPAIR HOME SERVICE (MOBILE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS), offers Professional and Certified Technicians to service all single user and Workgroup network configurations. We are now refocusing our energies toward the Home User market. With the advent of more sophisticated infection technologies; (Virus, Trojan, Malware, Spyware, Keyloggers, Worms, Memory Resident Viruses, Rootkit, Polymorphic Viruses, Ransomware, Cryptoviruses, Cyrptoworms, etc) there is a greater need for more focused attention on how to deal with these new threats.

Our service fees are charged on a per Service Call basis; not hourly, which add up quickly. It's all about Value for your Money and your PEACE OF MIND. We are ready for when you want prompt service for any of your Computer Security and Reliability needs.


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