Hawk Mobile has been repairing cell phones and computers for over 5 years. We can repair all brands and types of cellular phones as well as computers, laptops, iPads, tablets and more! We can replace cracked screens, unlock your locked cell phone and much more. We also carry a large selection of cell phone accessories at wholesale prices!

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February 24, 2015 Report concern
Prisi La
Yes I will soo recommend hawk mobile to anyone.i had a Samsung Galaxy 3 n wanted to give it to my boyfriend who was leaving to the states the next day.they told me they can unlock it by noon the next day and it was done.they are really honest and funny.this guy came in to get his phone that hawk has hard for over 6mths cause he never showed up for it,one of the guys was talking to him and he started calling names and the hawk guy never said anything bad to him but was just trying to explain things it him.
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March 18, 2014 Report concern
Robert Jessup
Straight up and honest, these guys are amazing. Been there twice, never disappointed. Fast. Don't ask for an arm and a leg either. Highly recommended.
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August 29, 2013 Report concern
Les Hildebrand
Went here just out of curiosity as my head phone speaker was Kaput and sounding crappy they replaced it for only 25 bucks on my incredible HTC in 20 min right in front of me they guys are straight up and charge what they quoted
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August 22, 2013 Report concern
Pamela Bueckert
I've taken two phones to be unlocked to switch providers. Easy in and out after waiting in the store for the service.
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June 24, 2013 Report concern
My brother originally went here to have his iphone 4s screen and back replaced. They did it for like 1/2 of what Apple wanted, and in 4 days time! The job was flawless, so I decided to check them out... wow. These guys are A+. I brought in my BrickBerry which needed a new charger port and an unlock button. RIM wanted an arm and a leg to fix only ONE problem, and cell check wasn't much cheaper - they even said they couldn't even do the charge port as they 'didn't have the proper tools!'. These guys said they'd do it in all in a few days - for SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than RIM would. Although there was some miscommunication and some new problems popped up, I got my phone back in 10 days time. They even fixed the 'new' problems without charging extra and gave me a deal on the price for 'having to wait so long'! They also don't try to lie and sell you extra parts nor do they make excuses why something can't be done - they're straight up. They carry a variety of unlocked phones and if you need yours unlocked, they can do it instantly. If i get another phone off-contract, it'll be from them. They may be a bit disorganized at times, but they do a VERY good job and always want to make sure you leave happy. GO THERE FOR ALL YOUR CELL REPAIR NEEDS. THEY WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.
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September 29, 2012 Report concern
Shane Cooke
They went above and beyond my requirements. I dropped off a cantankerous iphone to be unlocked and they quoted $20. The unholy poisoned Apple took longer to service than anyone imagined but they faithfully worked on the cursed little phone until it worked. They threw in a case and charger to say sorry for taking a day longer than expected. Sheesh, with a phone that evil they should have thrown it out; they had every right. Or charge me for an exorcist. But they didn't and they got the job done. They have fixed my wife's phone and I plan to buy my next phone - another used iphone - from them. They are honest and affordable. Plus they speak with accents, which makes them kinda exotic and cool. I trust them

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