Glenwood Auto Service has a long history of customer service in Saskatoon, delivering quality auto repair service since 1973. Our motto from the beginning has been "service is our discount". Started in 1973, Glenwood Esso was born. Between 1973 and 1988 Glenwood grew from three to five service bays, and became well-known in Saskatoon for their outstanding service in the bays and at the gas pumps. Glenwood Auto Service opened its doors at its new location on the corner of College Drive and Central Avenue in Sutherland on July 4th, 1988. Glenwood Auto Service continues to expand and has grown from 16 employees in 2002, to 28 employees in 2012. We recognize that auto repairs can be costly but we believe you are paying for the best service possible at Glenwood Auto Service.

We will never lure you in the door with low prices or free specials that can be misleading. Our prices are based on service, professional workmanship, quality parts, and our extensive experience in the industry. We will explain to you what your car needs and why, we will be honest with our recommendation and prioritize repair needs when cost exceeds budget and we are dedicated to elping you drive away safe.


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