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Serving the City of Regina & Southern Saskatchewan, WozBuilt Mobile Wet & Dry Abrasive Blasting can help you remove, rust, paint, coatings, graffiti, mold, dirt & grime giving you the cleanest prepped substraight money can buy. We have light, medium & heavy duty units with blast tips as small as 2.4 mm up to 12.7 mm, suitable for any job. We use all kinds of varying grit abrasives such as crushed recycled glass, sand, garnet & glass beads. We use dry abrasive blasting for cracks in brick mortars, stucco or cindercrete blocks to prevent water penetration. Wet abrasive blasting removes hard industrial coatings, paint, rust & corrosion. It is gentle enough to use on sand stone, soft wood & is great for cleaning stained stucco or cement surfaces.


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