Find a Business in Prince Albert

As the third largest city in the province, Prince Albert is also known as the 'Gateway to the North.' A beautiful city located in central Saskatchewan, it sits alongside the North Saskatchewan river giving it a spectacular view of mixed forest.

Prince Albert’s economy has benefited greatly from being the main service, retail and distribution provider of agriculture, mining and forestry industries, for Saskatchewan’s northern communities.

The city is also home to a variety of attractions that continue to draw visitors from around the country, including delightful hotels, restaurants, clubs and unique shopping centres.

To those of you who enjoy history, you will appreciate a trip to one of the city's museums, while the outdoor enthusiasts will find that the area's beautiful natural landscape provides never-ending opportunities for exploration, as well as great fishing, camping and boating experiences.

Visit the city and join one of the many remarkable annual festivals that take place in the city. Take part in Kidzfest during the summer or Canada’s premier sled dog race and Snow Days in Saskatchewan’s Boreal Forest during the winter!

Whether you reside in Prince Albert or are just visiting, ‘the place where the prairies meet the pines' has much to offer you!