MooseBay Greenhouses came to life in 2007 with the Kraushaar family's ambition and dream of always wanting to venture into the plant business. I knew that when the local "Greenhouse Lady" retired there was no better time than the present so, with little experience, perserverance and a whole lot of passion I became the new "Greenhouse Lady" of Grayson.

Moosebay Greenhouses is your one stop location for annuals, perrenials, water plants, succulents, cacti, and air plants. Aside from just supplying products, we also provide additional services to help you along the way with Plant Education. Require help developing a green thumb? The team at Moosebay can help you plant your containers.

- 3 miles West of Grayson on Highway 22 to MooseBay Road then 7 miles South


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