Top Tobogganing Spots in Regina and Saskatoon

January 7, 2019

Now that the snow seems to have arrived for good (or at least another few months), we figured it is as good a time as any to write about everyone’s favourite winter activity: tobogganing! I still remember waking up as a child, tossing on my snowsuit and heading out to Mount Pleasant to get in my fun before the hill got too busy with teenagers.

Three children laying in the snow in the evening time

Kids laying in the Snow

These days it seems as if many kids are staying indoors, glued to their phones and tablets and not enjoying the things that make winter great. Tobogganing is a great way to experience the outdoors, and it’s so easy to do! Whether you have a crazy carpet, toboggan, luge, or some other personal creation, a day on the hill is a blast no matter what.

After all this tobogganing talk, are you wondering where you can go? We’ve put together a list of the top spots in Regina & Saskatoon:


  1. E. Wilson Park Hill
  2. George Ferguson Hill
  3. French Park Hill
  4. Mount Pleasant Hills
  5. Northwest Leisure Centre Hill
  6. Ruth M. Buck Hills
  7. Schweitzer Park Hill
  8. Southland Mall Hill
  9. The Bowl
  10. Victoria East Hill
  11. Walker School Hill
  12. Wascana Hill
  13. Pilot Butte Hill
  14. Indian Head’s Toboggan Hill


  1. Meewasin Trail Silver Springs
  2. Forest Hill Attridge Drive
  3. Pest Hill
  4. Gerhard
  5. Silver Wood School
  6. River Bank Hill
  7. Victoria Park Hill
  8. WJL Harvey Park

*Please note all locations are approximate.

If this will be your first time out this year, remember to use Mysask411 to search for your winter clothes or tobogganing gear! Tobogganing can also be a little dangerous if you don’t take precautions, so check out some safety tips here. Stay safe and enjoy your day on the hill!

– Danny Loughren is a Product Consultant on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team.