Sarah’s Favourite Coffee Shop

October 27, 2021

We all have our fav businesses. Those businesses you frequent so often that the staff probably know you by name. At Directwest, we thought it’d be fun to share the employee “favs to frequent”. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next go-to!

For Product Consultant, Sarah Elchuk, Elle’s Café in Regina is a coffee shop you should know about.

What makes it so special?

The ice cream, sandwiches and coffee are all delicious! We went for the Dole Soft Serve and ended up staying for lunch. The Dole did not disappoint (we’ve been back a handful of times) and I am a major coffee lover so finding another cozy place to drink delicious coffee was also a bonus.

How did you find it?

Word of mouth! Everyone had been talking about the amazing Dole Soft Serve so my family had to try it! I have fond memories of eating the pineapple Dole at the Queen City Ex every summer as a kid so trying it at Elle’s was nostalgic for me as well.

Why should others visit?

You can’t beat the atmosphere of 13th Avenue. Whether I’m there to shop or stop at Elle’s I get an overwhelming sense of community from that area. There is nothing better than sitting on a bench in the sun and watching the people in this community move through their day.

With all the reasons to check it out, we’re sure Sarah’s fav, Elle’s Ca is soon to become your fav too!

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