No way to cook supper… now what?

August 4, 2020

Like most families in the province this summer, mine opted for a “stay in Saskatchewan” vacation. We’re homebodies by nature so most vacations consist of trips west for shopping in Calgary and Edmonton (timed with back to school shopping for the kids) and camping in the mountains. This year we decided to try out a hidden gem, Duck Mountain Provincial Park (Madge Lake). Located on the Manitoba border, the park is an easy 1.5 hour drive north of Yorkton.

Madge Lake SK Beach

I vacationed there as a child but hadn’t considered it an option until we searched for ‘cabin rentals in SK’ using Mysask411. We booked a ‘contact free’ cabin (each cabin has a keypad with code so in-person check-in isn’t required). Elated that we could actually have a week vacation out of the city (monitoring the number of COVID cases directly tied into our decision to leave home) I didn’t bother to ask some important questions every responsible mother should. These questions included:

  1. Is there an oven in the cabin? – No.
  2. Will a BBQ be included? – No, but one could be reserved with 24 hours’ notice.
  3. Does the cabin have a coffee maker (I’m a coffee addict)? – No, but it had a Keurig. Those lucky enough to bring coffee pods were in luck 😊.

Checking in at 4pm and realizing we had no way to cook the chicken fingers or fry up the burgers for supper we had to think fast. Luckily the Mysask411 app has ‘near me’ functionality so we were able to find a pizza place 10 mins away! And because we weren’t familiar with the area the ‘map view’ allowed us to find our way easily. The next morning a quick search for ‘coffee, near me’ also reaped rewards and we were able to enjoy coffee on the deck.

Hiking Through Made Lake Trees SK

Our vacation was amazing and we all came home with sun tans. Every parent wants to make memories with their children and sometimes it’s the unexpected events that get the most laughs later in life. Enjoy the last month of summer break and keep searching out all the hidden gems ‘near me’! It’s amazing how many cool, local shops and restaurants you can find with one quick search.

-Sarah Elchuk is the Content Manager on the Brand and Digital Platform Team.