New Year’s Resolutions: Part 2

January 31, 2020

The results are in and it’s a mixed bag! Have a look at how our Marketing team faired in sticking to the new year resolutions we set in December.  Did we reach the 8% success rate researchers say is the norm when sticking to a resolution made in the new year[1]?

Paige Sandvold

Content Manager

Resolution: Practice guitar 2 hours/week

Outcome: Paige did not practice guitar 2 hours/week. In her defense, she had a new baby the end of December and sleeping newborns and guitar playing don’t always go hand in hand.

Ashley Herchak

Product Consultant

Resolution: Refrain from going on any digital devices 1 hour before bed

Outcome: Ashley did not refrain from being on a digital device 1 hour before bed. She would like to report that her overall device usage has decreased in January compared to December. Going in the right direction, Ash!

Danny Loughren

Brand Manager

Resolution: Read more (goal of 6 books in 2020)

Outcome: Danny is 60% through his first book (according to his Kindle). He is on track to complete this resolution by the end of the year.

Sarah Elchuk

Content Manager

Resolution: Exercise 3-4 times/week

Outcome: Sarah was not successful in completing her 3-4 workouts a week. Thankfully it snowed enough in Regina that shoveling provided some exercise!

Karen Kulcsar

Marketing Support Assistant

Resolution: Complete the “60 day no buy” challenge

Outcome: Karen has gone 30 days without buying any personal items (other than the basics of food and toiletries). She says that her motivation is wavering, and that the next 30 days could be questionable. We think you can do it Karen!

Well, three out of five isn’t too bad! What did we all agree on? Creating new habits takes a lot of time and energy. According to Harvard Medical School, the size of the new goal is also important; small, simple changes can make big impacts to your life and are easier to maintain[2]

We wish you a healthy and happy year!

-Sarah Elchuk is the Content Manager on the Brand and Digital Platform Team