Brace Yourselves – Valentine’s Day is Right Around the Corner

February 7, 2019

Every year as February 14th approaches, so might the fear of facing the day alone, but in all honesty, riding solo can have its perks. . .No dinner reservations. No gift buying. No expectations. No wardrobe changes .

Women in yellow holding a bunch of heart shaped Valentine's Day balloons

Valentine’s Day Heart Balloons

If you are someone who’s not fazed by the buzz of Valentine’s Day, and are perfectly content being single mingle than you probably already have plans this Valentine’s Day. But for those of you who may be planning a Bridget Jones style evening, listen up, because this article is your quick guide to surviving Valentine’s Day and showing yourself a little love!

  • Start your day off right with these easy chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes. If you’re looking for ingredient alternatives, my personal favourites for lactose, organic and gluten free substitutes come from Mom’s Nutrition Centre in Saskatoon. Old Fashioned Foods, and Dad’s Organic in Regina have similar products to offer.
  • Mix-up your fitness routine by trying something new. Project Barre Studio in Regina will cover your first class, and Local Barre Fitness in Saskatoon gives discounts to students. Barre is all the rage, and it’ll kick your butt!
  • Still not feeling the love? Grab some friends or family, and head to Moose Jaw for the day. You can visit the Mineral Pool for $10.25 and enjoy one of Moose Jaw’s Nail Salons for a little TLC.
  • I’m sure you’ve worked up an appetite, so check out the deals feature on Mysask411 (or on the app!) to get yourself a pizza combo on the way back home.
  • End your night with some comedy, drama, or a romantic flick by using Mysask411 movies on desktop or the app to find local movie times and theaters.

If you do have a significant other and/or some little ones kickin’ around, my advice is save your pennies, and try these budget friendly snacks and activities at home:

  • The kids will go crazy for Valentine Heart Popcorn and Pop Rocks Shirley Temple. Both recipes only have four ingredients and the kids will love it. The Shirley Temple can also be made extra special for adults. Just add your favorite spirit, ginger beer or champagne.
  • Make your own heart shaped Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs. These are perfect for packaging, giving away or using on Valentine’s Day.
  • Start a family tradition on Valentine’s Day by having a board game competition, a family cook-off, or take a picture as a family and use the Mixtiles App to have it printed, framed and sent to you in just one week. This is my new favorite thing!

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s day, have fun, show yourself some love and remember, it’s just another February day.