Baby Shopping Goes Digital

March 22, 2022

Our family arrived back in the world of babies this year when my daughter had her first daughter, and things have changed a little since the days that I was changing diapers.

It feels like shopping and babies have always gone hand in hand.  Babies need a lot of stuff and many a friend or aunty has been known to declare, “now I have an excuse to buy baby clothes!” upon receiving a birth announcement. 

Baby lying in clothing

But in the new age of shop local, buying for babies locally has evolved.  There is a not-so-quiet baby renaissance happening in Saskatchewan online that is creative and beautiful in more ways than one.  Local entrepreneurs are growing their businesses on DIY sites like Facebook and Etsy and sharing their stories of building the products and their families along the way.

Here are some of the fun local suppliers that are popping up in my Facebook feed:

1- Skoochie Coo

  • Handmade items of all sorts for all sizes including joggers, rompers, beanies and other clothing that gives kids room to grow and play. 
Skoochie coo beanie on child

2- Bobbin Along Creations

  • Choose the tiny clothing item you want sewn for your little one from new fabrics available each month.

3- Halliegator Handmade

  • Unique and comfortable toddler clothes seasonally made and available on order.
Halliegator Handmade Shorts and tshirt

4- Rock Me Custom Apparel

  • Slippers and other fun custom clothing pieces made from locally sourced textiles by a small town mom.

5- Q&D beads

  • Teach them young to accessorize!  Stylish silicone teethers and soother clips custom made in your favorite colors – matching key chains for Mom available of course.

6- Kustom Kitties Canada

  • Wooden Developmental Toys for sale and customized upon request as the name suggests.  Look them up for rattles, blocks and even workshops on how to make your own baby gym.
Kustom Kitties Wooden Car Toy

Sask-made baby items like the ones above are also available at local businesses like Groovy Mama and Mortise and Tenon in Regina.

So if you’re in the baby outfitting market as I now am, why not consider something original and cute that helps support home-grown creators?

Know of another? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add it to the list!

-Nova Alberts is a Marketing Manager with the Brand and Platform team at Directwest

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