A Merry Month of Deals

November 24, 2021

Ahh, the most wonderful time of the year. Oh wait, that’s supposed to be reserved for Christmas, right? But second runner up has to be the lead up to Christmas where you score all the items you were looking for at a stellar deal. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for the deals. I can’t resist opening an email that promises 70% off my favourite activewear or an exclusive sale for members ahead of Black Friday. And admittedly, most of the time I’m shopping for myself… targeted ads get ya, amirite?

We can’t deny that this year has been filled with unpredictability – unfortunately this will crossover into how we will be shopping, too (don’t panic, there’s good news in this blog too). Supply chain disruption is wreaking havoc on a multitude of industries, not to mention a shortage in labour at stores and distribution centres contributing to longer wait times and lack of customer service. Product shortages may stretch into mid-2022 with manufacturing and delivery taking longer than normal, too. Do you track your packages’ every move too?

Don’t fret. This season, retailers have been forced to pivot their usual holiday strategies… which has ultimately benefitted, you (and me!), the consumer.  

An Extended Season

  • Tons of businesses have been offering promotions earlier than ever all thanks to the easy access of online shopping, which means you can avoid the long lines, lack of stock, and grumpy husbands forced to shop.
  • Hot Tip: if you see a deal for something major – we’re talking electronics, that super popular kids’ toy, or that must-have kitchen appliance – don’t hesitate! Limited stock/shipping delays could impact what you’re able to get your hands on the longer you stall.

Ecommerce to the Rescue!

  • Cyber Monday has to be one of my fav days. No crowds, no long waits, just a whack of deals!
  • Plus, there’s a new way to pay and it’s called ‘buy now, pay later’ payment plans. These services allow shoppers to purchase items online and pay it off in set increments. With this option becoming more and more mainstream, it allows us shoppers more flexibility when we know stock could be low, or a great deal hits the site.

Buy Local… (duh)

  • If you can support a local business and fulfill your shopping needs, why the heck not? I’ve always found that the local shops have the best customer service and are willing to go above and beyond to get the product you want in your hands. One of my personal favs in Regina? Rose and Vine Florals – an array of flowers (of course), plants, jewelry, treats, candles and more!
  • Looking for a specific store? Find all your go-to local spots on Mysask411!

Buy an Experience

  • Memory making gifts are coming back! Instead of fighting for the last LOL Surprise Doll at the toy store, invest in an experience. I promise you, it’s one of the best gifts money can buy. I still remember the snowboarding lessons my uncle gifted us when we were kids… and how ridiculous we all looked inching down the bunny hill.

So, I want to know… are you partaking in any big deals-based shopping this year? Just remember, the best things in life are often free. So don’t fret if you didn’t get all the must-have items on your list… there’s always another sale around the corner (hellooo Boxing Day).

Happy shopping!

-Ashley Herchak is a Product Consultant on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team at Directwest.