A-maizing Fall Adventures

September 3, 2021

One of my family’s favourite fall traditions is getting lost in a local corn maze. We have countless photos of the kids where they seem to grow older while the background stays the same.

I don’t remember having these when I was a kid, but they have certainly sprouted across the province in my adult-life. Many mazes have also evolved into a larger offering with tractors, petting zoos and extreme activities for the older crowd. It’s no longer your local farmer’s corn field, but a full-on agri-tainment experience that can fill an afternoon. 

Two kids walking through corn maze

If you’re new to mazing in Saskatchewan, here’s a few to get you started:

1- Boser’s Greenhouse Corn Maze near St. Walburg, SK

Bonus: Giant bubble blowing and an indoor play area for the littles.

2- Youth Farm Corn Maze near Rosthern, SK

Bonus: Pedal karts but also climbing wall, jumping pillow, petting zoo, tractor rides… and more!

3- The Strawberry Ranch near Saskatoon, SK

Bonus: It’s not as easy as it looks!  Some mazes you can walk right through, but this one targets those looking for a challenge.

Drone shot of corn maze

4- Corn Cob Junction near Estevan, SK

Bonus: Climbing wall and hay rides.

5- Happy Hollow near Lumsden, SK

Bonus: Corn cannon and corn sandbox but also jumping pillow, tractor rides and if you’re lucky you can sometimes spot a roaming Pumpkin Princess.

Three kids jumping on a jumping pillow

6- Corn Trails near Canora, SK

Bonus: Mini golf…we happen to have a special affection for mini-golf.

7- Paintball Paradise near Prince Albert, SK

Bonus: Paintball and laser tag.

8- Cedar Creek Gardens near Regina, SK

Bonus: Dinosaurs……

Yah, Cedar Creek really upped their corn game this year with a Jurassic Park theme, and in addition to their mini-golf and petting zoo, you can now hunt for velociraptors and dino-eggs. I can’t wait to see how the corn community answers that next year!

Now, timing your outing is a tricky art. We like to go while it’s warm enough to have a comfortable day, but late enough that it doesn’t still feel like summer. Before the trample from the crowds removes the mystery of which way to go, before the frost hits and the stalks sag BUT late enough that it doesn’t still feel like summer. Late enough for the fall colours to blend from green to yellow to orange with just a touch of red, and cold enough that a cup of warm apple cider is just the right sipping drink while the kids explore. 

Kids playing in a corn sandbox

For me, it’s the right atmosphere that makes it a-maizing, and years of experimentation have told our family that happens precisely the 3rd week of September. Maybe we’ll see you there this year*. 

*If do you decide to head out on your own adventure, make sure to confirm hours of operation and any capacity restrictions that may be in place with the maze directly as things can change quickly. 

-Nova Alberts is a Marketing Manager on the Brand and Platform Team at Directwest. 

For more corny fun, watch for our future Halloween blog… haunted experiences that may leave you with an ear-y feeling you are being stalked…