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SARCAN Recycling

(306) 569-8393

1421 Fleury St
Regina, SK S4N 7N5
Tel: (306) 569-8393

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Products or Services:
We recycle beverage containers paint and electronics

Deposit Refunds:
Aluminum Cans
Tin & Bi-Metal Cans
Plastic Bottles
Refillable Beer Bottles
Glass Bottles
Juice Boxes
Juice Cartons

Non-Deposit Materials:
Plastic Milk Jugs
Paper Milk Cartons
Unwanted Household Paint
Obsolete Electronics
Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC)
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Business Profile

SARCAN Recycling provides environmental protection, employment creation and economic
development through a province-wide network for recycling beverage containers, paint and

SARCAN has 71 recycling centres throughout Saskatchewan, two processing plants and one
administrative office in Saskatoon. SARCAN employs people of all abilities and with over 600 staff
is one of the largest affirmative employers in Canada.

The SARCAN system for recycling is one of the most efficient and effective in North America,
making SARCAN a champion of environmental protection.

We pay deposit refunds on beverage containers - it pays to recycle at SARCAN! For more
information, or for types of beverage containers accepted, please visit

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