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Nature's Hut Wellness Centre

(306) 382-6411

Your Natural Health Consultants

1 3050 Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5X9
Tel: (306) 382-6411
Fax: (306) 382-6418

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Colon hydrotherapy
Therapeautic massage
Myofascial release
Vibration mature
Natural health store
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Nature's Hut Wellness Centre offers nutritional microscopy along with diet analysis and natural health consultations with our certified natural health consultant and educator. Having problems with constipation or other colon problems? Come see MaryAnn Sorokan who has many years experience in colon hydrotherapy & reflexology. We also offer therapeutic massage & myofascial release by Patricia Cruz, RMT. You can also tone muscle and get an hour of work out benefits in just ten minutes using our vibration machine. Our friendly staff has over fifteen years of experience in the natural health field and can answer the many questions you may have.

Come see us today and get started on the road to a healthy body and mind. Please visit us online at for more information.

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